Hi! Thanks for attending my workshop.

Creating your website

To set up a website, use WordPress’s free plan to work out your ideas and get started. Later, you can remove any ads by upgrading to a paid plan, or export your data to another service.

To reserve a domain name for your site, use hover. They can help apply the name to your existing site.

Writing with the Web in mind

Write in Markdown. The first few lessons in this interactive tutorial should be enough to get you started.

On macOS, Marked 2 will translate your Markdown into HTML, Word, PDF, and more. It’s not free, but well worth the price and works with any text file.

On Windows, MarkdownPad is a little less versatile, but it doubles as a text editor and it’s free.

Making your work available for sharing

Tell people how to use the content of your webpages with Creative Commons: easily explain what they can share and how they should credit you, while still retaining copyright.

Good luck!